TeLENZ Legal Tech Webinar Series

TeLENZ Webinar – AI-powered Productivity Tools (Tom Maasland)

In this edition, Tom Maasland from MinterEllisonRuddWatts demonstrates the potential of AI-powered productivity tools in legal practice… VIEW HERE

TeLENZ Webinar – Blockchain and its Potential to Radically Transform Law (Alex Sims)

In this edition, Associate Professor Alex Sims from the University of Auckland provides an overview of Blockchain technology and its potential to transform law… VIEW HERE

TeLENZ Online Panel Discussion – E-voting: Security, Policy & Law

In this edition, an online panel of experts from New Zealand and Australia discuss the security, policy and legal issues of e-voting… VIEW HERE

OpenLaw NZ (Andrew Easterbrook & William Parry)

In this edition, Andrew Easterbrook and William Parry provide a demonstration of their new free legal research platform OpenLaw NZ which can assist in finding and analysing large volumes of NZ court decisions… VIEW HERE

Preparing for ‘Deepfakes’ and the Synthetic Media of Tomorrow

In this edition, Tom Barraclough and Curtis Barnes share their New Law Foundation-funded report and research findings about the wide-ranging legal, social and policy issues concerning deepfakes and synthetic media. The existence of such technologies may undermine general trust in audiovisual information to some degree… VIEW HERE