About Us

TeLENZ is proud to be funded by the New Zealand Law Foundation.

Delivering legal knowledge – with independence, quality and enduring impact – through legal research grants and scholarships.

Since 1992 the Law Foundation has supported research in law and public education on legal issues by providing more than over $30 million in funding.

Recognising the importance of addressing the changing needs of law graduates due to the speed of technological change and the critical need for academics to have the tools, knowledge and content, the NZ Law Foundation provided funding for the TeLENZ project.

The project is comprised of academic representatives from each of the six New Zealand law faculties and is led by Associate Professor Wayne Rumbles, Dean of Law at the University of Waikato, Te Piringa – Faculty of Law.

TeLENZ will create solutions and content to assist academics to create papers, develop resources, and support academics with teaching information related to technology, cyber security and AI fields of law.

With a collaborative approach, TeLENZ seeks to refine and share IT-related aspects of pedagogy in the law curriculum through learning spaces in New Zealand with a view to introduce new IT-focused material into core legal subjects for second and third year law programmes.

By providing this funding, the Law Foundation recognises the growing time demands placed on academics, and the need for updated content in a constantly changing landscape.

TeLENZ will provide a vital resource for academics by creating a knowledge repository, fostering an online collaborative community to share information and develop practical tools that they can implement in their teaching.

The project and resources collated will be available to all tertiary institutes to help ensure maximum collaboration.

It serves as an opportunity to provide significant enhancements to the systematic teaching of legal education in New Zealand.


Participating Universities

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