TeLENZ is excited to present the latest addition to its webinar series on Law and Technology in legal education, practice, policy and research.

Legal practitioners, law teachers and legal researchers are invited to attend these presentations and participate in the Q&A sessions. Attendance is free and registration is required.

Webinar 6: Tuesday 8 December 2020, 1.00pm – 2.00pm NZST.

Topic: Improving Access to Justice Using Digital Case Law Research


Tom Barraclough, Brainbox

Curtis Barnes, Brainbox

Attendance: Free but register here.

This webinar will discuss the Automated Open Access Analytics Project which combines important new technology research and the prospect of improved access to justice.

Researchers for this project are working with OpenLaw NZ to use its platform to develop software that can be used by anyone to analyse large volumes of judicial decisions.

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This series of presentations is an initiative from the TeLENZ Project which is supported by the New Zealand Law Foundation.