We are delighted to announce that the TeLENZ 2021 Symposium Call for Abstracts is now open!

The TeLENZ Symposium on Technology in Legal Education, Practice and Policy will be held in Auckland on 1st July 2021.

We invite abstracts about the opportunities or challenges that emerging, new or innovative technologies raise for the future of law in New Zealand and internationally.

Submitters are free to propose a variety of presentation styles on any field of law or on a broad range of legal issues involving regulatory, technical, ethical, policy, conceptual or empirical aspects in areas such as:

  1. Data availability and re-use, data sharing, data mining, data manipulation, data localisation, data ownership, data sovereignty, data privacy, or data governance;
  2. Current or potential uses of automation, machine-learning, predictive analytics or Artificial Intelligence in the legal domain (e.g. legal education, practice or research) and beyond;
  3. Digital justice, remote courts, electronic arbitration or online dispute resolution;
  4. Smart Technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything (IoE);
  5. E-commerce, data and competition law, or Fintech;
  6. Blockchain or distributed ledger technology;
  7. Cyber crimes, cyber security and encryption;
  8. Technology and access to justice;
  9. Quantum computing;
  10. Discussion of issues relating to the research examined through the New Zealand Law Foundation’s Information Law and Policy Project;
  11. Issues relating to the seven research themes identified and discussed by the New Zealand Law Foundation’s Information Law and Policy Project.

Submitters are encouraged to specifically address education, practice and/or policy in regard to their chosen topic.

The Call for Abstracts closes on 15 March 2021. Further details about the abstract submission format and the symposium are available at the TeLENZ Symposium page on our website.