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The world that we are living in today will not be the world our children live in.

Technology, cyber security and AI (artificial intelligence) are transforming every aspect of our lives, and the law is changing, adapting and transforming to meet this need.

TeLENZ offers those charged with teaching the next generation of lawyers tools, resources, content solutions and knowledge-sharing opportunities to provide cutting edge learning opportunities.

More than just an information repository, the TeLENZ platform will transform the practice of law.

TeLENZ is a two-year research project, proudly funded by the Law Foundation, drawing on the skills and expertise of leading law academics throughout New Zealand universities to develop an online community to share academic resources, knowledge and content to help design meaningful courses for future law graduates.

"Technology does not drive change - it enables change"

– Anonymous

"The great growling engine of change - technology"

– Alvin Trotter

"The science of today is the technology of tomorrow"

– Edward Teller

"Technology will be the main driver of this change. And, in the long run, we will neither need nor want professionals to work in the way that they did in the twentieth century and before."

– Richard Susskind

"Driven by forces as diverse as globalization and technological progress, the realm of legal services is going through profound and irreversible change."

– Ray Worthy Campbell

"As a factual matter, as in countries all over the world, technology and business practices have been running faster than legal responses and developments."

– Miriam Defensor-Santiago


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Privacy Foundation welcomes new privacy law “Parliament enacted new Privacy Act with multi-party support continuing a tradition for NZ privacy law. All parties appreciate the importance of legislating for good information handling"

New Zealand's new privacy statute will take effect on 1 December 2020.

Office of the Privacy Commissioner@NZPrivacy

The Privacy Bill has passed its third reading in Parliament with unanimous support! The new Act modernises our privacy laws and replaces the 27-year-old Privacy Act 1993. Read our full statement here:

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